Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lab Grown Diamonds are a revolution to the diamond industry.They are chemically,physically & optically similar to mined diamonds.They have many advantages over mined diamonds.They are ecofriendly,conflict free and they don’t harm mother nature.Many people and companies have started investing in Lab Created Diamonds.They have value for money and are 20-30 % priced less than mined diamonds.
Type IIa diamonds are considered as most valuable,purest and rarest type of diamonds. They contain either very little or no nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure.They are usually colorless and are lacking of any measurable impurities. They signify only 1% - 2% of all mined diamonds in the world. Cullinan,Kohinoor are types of Type IIa diamonds. Type II diamonds form under very high pressure for longer time periods, and tend to have an irregular shape.They are highly valuable and consider a superior choice for investment.



The famous Koh-I-Noor (Persian for Mountain of Light) diamond was found near Kollur in India. Originally weighing 793 carats and once the largest known diamond in the world, its size has been reduced to 105.6 carat after many cutting and polishing. Koh-i-Noor diamond passed several hands through dynasties, rulers and invasions and eventually landed up as a British Crown Jewel. It currently is a part of the Crown of Queen Elizabeth.


Formerly known as Krupp diamond, the Elizabeth Taylor diamond, a 33.19 carat Asscher cut Type IIa diamond, was bought by Elizabeth Taylor’s husband – Richard Burton in 1968 at a NY auction for USD 300,000. The diamond became an important part of Taylor’s collection and she wore it as a ring. In 2011, the Elizabeth Taylor diamond was sold by Taylor’s estate for USD 8.8 million.


Originally weighing 78.54 carat, the Archduke Joseph diamond, a antique cushion-shaped, colorless, brilliant, Type IIa, was purchased by Molina Jewelers of Arizona in 1990s and was recut to 76.45 carat for improved clarity and symmetry. The IF, D grade is the largest DIF diamond ever graded at GIA. Recovered in India’s Golconda mines, the Archduke Joseph diamond’s first recorded owner was Austria’s Archduke Joseph August who had deposited the diamond in a Hungarian bank vault in 1933.
Similarly, there are many other famous Type IIa diamonds including The Star of the South, Winston legacy, The Agra, Darya-i-Noor, Beau Sancy and so on. Type IIa diamonds are either way very rare and declining production of Earth-mined diamonds make them even rarer.

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